We love feedback at Stnky and we get lots of it.  This is what our customers think of their Stnky Bags!


I love my bag!  I started using it for keeping my gym kit when I’m in the office after a morning work out.  It’s changed how I do things.  I hang it on the door of the changing room by it’s handle and put my dirty kit straight into the bag as I take it off.  Then being able to open the bottom of the bag and put it straight into the washing machine is a big plus for me and a bigger plus for my wife who hates my dirty kit (which is fair enough).  I’m starting to train for a triathlon as well as teaching my kids to swim.  It’s amazing – all the annoying problems with wet swimming kit are just gone and the smell of chlorine is kept to a minimum.  I can’t believe more people don’t use this product and I’m disappointed I waited this long to find it!  Brian B


I used my Stnky to put my muddy clothes in post Wolf Run, it worked a treat and the clothes came out really clean…which did surprise me as I was a little sceptical due to the space the clothes had to move around in the bag.

I would definitely recommend it to friends and fellow runners 🙂  John H


I train three times a day and really use my bags A LOT
I use my bags as such- one for my morning trip to the gym where I finish HiiT training with REALLY gross clothes. Then at lunch after my trail run at work so my muddy shoes and trail gear is self contained. This has meant less mud being dropped around my house in the evenings when I wash stuff so I get to do less hoovering!! Hooray
I then go back to the gym in the evening where I add my final set of grossness to my morning kit already in the bag before I go home.
I am also a member of the UK Mudd Queens OCR team (there’s about a thousand of us) and so after an obstacle course race (most weekends) I put all my gross muddy and smelly gear in a bag after a race until I get home and run the bag under a hose outside to remove debris before throwing it in the washing machine
I LOVE my bags so much  Louise E


I use my stnky bag every time I go running & the gym, it keeps my other dirty clothes comparatively fresher in the wash, wouldn’t be without it! Stephen B


I originally bought a stinky bag for my husband for the gym, as his clothes get extremely sweaty and it wasn’t particularly a pleasant experience getting them in the dryer!

But before he had even used it after it arrived I realised just how useful it would be for myself too, and he thought the bigger size would be better, so I bought another and I kept the original one.

It’s a fantastic piece of kit, and I wonder how I survived without it! My previous alternative at the gym was to use the ready supplied plastic bags, but your bag is so much easier; it keeps my dirty kit completely contained in my gym bag, and is stylish (although in hindsight I wish I had a different colour as I have now inherited my husbands black one). I wonder how long it will be before someone ask me about it in the gym. When arriving home, so easy to pop into the washing machine. I don’t tumble dry, as most of the gym kit can’t be dried in this way, so I don’t use it to it’s full potential. So I leave the bag to dry out over night as I am at the gym most days.

In summary, I am raving about this bag. Jane


​I use mine to keep my muddy running kit away from my clean clothes. I also use it on my Duke of Edinburgh overnight walks so that my clothes for day 2 are kept clean and fresh. I’m impressed with the bag and glad I bought it. RS


I mostly use mine for smelly gym kit, especially after a Maui Thai Boxing session when I’m dripping, and the bandages for my hands stink from being cooped up in my boxing gloves.
I bought one for my brother too and really love it. Kym W


When I go to the gym immediately before work, my stinky clothes go into my Stnky Bag so that they don’t stink out the car during the day!

We went on a fabulous road trip in the US last summer and it wasn’t always possible to wash stinky running gear before having to pack up the cases and the car and head off on the next leg of our journey – Stnky Bags (for clothes and shoes) were brilliant to allow inoffensive transportation to the next port of call where they could be washed.

Very pleased with my Stnky Bags. Thank you 🙂 Jo S