Top 5 Gym Hygiene Tips

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Hygiene is rarely the first thing on our minds when we are in the gym, but its something everyone should take seriously.  We’ve all faced the frustration of not being able to train because we are ill.  If you’re working hard to be consistent with your training and nutrition then keeping healthy to train is really important.

Luckily you don’t need to head to the gym dressed like you work in a science lab, just take note of my 5 top tips for gym hygiene.

1.  Keep your hands clean
Your hands come in to contact with pretty much everything you use in the gym and your hands aren’t the only pair.  So to minimise the chances of picking up bacteria from other peoples sweaty mitts keep your hands clean.  If your gym provides antibacterial gel then rub some on your hands after using each piece of equipment.  If not get your own little bottle and keep it with you.

2.  Take your own water bottle
The gym water fountain might look hygienic but don’t let that stainless steel fool you.  To drink from it people bend over and sweat can drop on to the fountain and its surroundings.  Better to take your own bottle and make sure only you use it.
If you want even more protection opt for a metal water bottle, which is easier to clean than a plastic alternative.

3.  Don’t put dirty kit straight in your bag
Your sweaty gym kit and your trainers that have been in contact with the gym floor are breading grounds for bacteria.  Putting them into a dark gym bag is asking for trouble.  Instead use a washable kit bag like a Stnky Bag to transport kit inside your gym bag.  The big advantage is that the bag itself gets washed along with your kit.  Much better than putting your clean kit back into a dirty bag!

4.  Shower and put on clean clothes
This might seem obvious but a shower and clean clothes is a good idea.  Make sure you protect your feet in the shower and don’t put your shower sandals directly into your gym bag either.  They’ll help to protect you from the risks of fungal infection in the changing rooms.

5.  Don’t train when your ill
If you’re sneezing, coughing or have an open wound.  Then stay out of the gym, you’ll reduce your chance of further infection and your fellow gym users will be a lot happier too.

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