Stop putting your sweaty gym kit directly into your gym bag!

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Putting your gym trainers, your sweaty gym kit or your sports kit directly into the bag you use to transport everything to the gym might seem like a good idea but its almost certainly compromising your hygiene.

But why?

Your sweaty gym kit has been touching gym equipment and your trainers have been on the gym floor, both places that get other peoples feet and sweat!  Putting them into a dark gym bag or tote bag is asking for trouble and potential breeding grounds for bacteria.  Once you get your kit home and wash it, you’ll put it back into the same bag that has been in contact with the dirt and bacteria anyway!

Instead use a washable kit bag like a Stnky Bag to transport kit inside your gym bag.  The big advantage is that the bag itself gets washed and cleaned along with your kit.  Much better than putting your clean kit back into a dirty bag!

I put my kit into a carrier bag first is that better?

Well, a plastic carrier bag is likely to keep your dirty kit shielded somewhat from the inside of your bag.  But there are disadvantages.  Firstly carrier bags don’t normally seal, so smells, damp and even kit can still escape into your bag.  Also carrier bags are not great for the environment and if your chucking your gym kit in one every time you’ll certainly need to make sure you don’t reuse that bag.

How else is a Stnky Bag better?

Well with your Stnky bag you don’t need to touch the dirty kit.  If you do still go fishing around in a dirty damp carrier bag to put your kit in the wash, make sure your washing your hands afterwards.

Stnky also keeps the smell  and damp of used workout kit locked up.  So the other stuff in your bag won’t be effected.  If you work out during the day or before work, you can keep you Stnky bag next to your desk without worrying about it.

What if you forget to wash your kit straight away?

Let’s be honest we’ve all done it, get home from a workout or event and be too tired to sort our gear out.  That’s how Stnky was invented.  After a pile of sweaty clothes and trainers were left in plastic bags in the back of the car and forgotten about for a few days.  The result as you’ll know if you’ve ever done it, isn’t much fun!  If you forget your kit in a Stnky Bag, no problem, it’ll be sealed in until you flip it inside out and chuck it in the wash.

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