Stnky Bag Metallic Series Black XL


Love Stnky but want BIGGER… Stnky XL is here.

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Stnky XL users the same material as Stnky Metallic but is our biggest Stnky yet.

It will easily swallow:

  • Baselayers
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Shorts or Leggings
  • T-shirt or top
  • Your hoody
  • A large towel

Developed for the needs of some obstacle racers Stnky XL is growing in popularity across a huge range of activities.

And yes… a Stnky XL is just the right size to transport your DryRobe.

The Stnky metallic range uses a lightweight technical fabric.  It’s lightweight means you can pack loads of Stnky’s in your washing machine.

It also uses our high quality YKK Zip and our famous inner mesh bag which keeps your kit together and protected.


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