Bear Grylls Survival Race Stnky XL Bag

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Based on the larger Stnky XL bag the new Bear Grylls Survival Race Bag features a custom hardwearing outer fabric, our patented Stnky Bag system and of course the Bear Grylls Survival Race logo.

Use it to transport and hygienically wash your activewear.

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The Bear Grylls Survival Race Stnky XL Bag is the perfect way to transport and wash your clothes and towels when you finish the race. Pop your kit, towels and washable accessories in the BG Stnky XL bag and you’ll lock in the wetness, mud and the smell while you enjoy the rest of your day. Once your kit is in the bag they’ll be safe to throw in your holdall or straight in the car without worrying about getting anything else dirty, wet or smelly.

Once you’re home just turn the BG Stnky XL bag inside out taking advantage of our unique reversible dual bag system and chuck it in the wash, all your kit will be safely contained in the washing mesh.  You can even tumble dry your BG Stnky Bag, or remove your kit if you want to dry it separately and load your Stnky ready for your next round of exercise or adventure.

Your Bear Grylls Survival Race Stnky XL Bag is perfect for your gym kit, sports kit, to store your laundry while travelling or camping and even transporting swimming gear.  It really is the bag for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Size: 54cm x 40cm

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