Bear Grylls Survival Race Stnky Shoe Bag


Based on the classic Stnky Shoe bag the new Bear Grylls Survival Race Shoe Bag features a custom hardwearing outer fabric, our patented Stnky Bag system and of course the Bear Grylls Survival Race logo.

Use it to transport and clean any sports footwear.

Product Description

The Bear Grylls Survival Race Stnky Shoe Bag is the perfect way to transport and clean your footwear when you finish the race. Pop your shoes in the BG Stnky shoe bag and you’ll lock in the wetness, mud and the smell while you enjoy the rest of your day. Once your shoes are in the bag they’ll be safe to throw in your holdall or straight in the car without worrying about getting anything else dirty, wet or smelly.

Once you’re home you can turn the BG Stnky shoe bag inside out taking advantage of our unique reversible dual bag system and rinse the dirt from your shoes while they are safely contained in the washing mesh.  Once the worst is off you can wash your training shoes (where appropriate) in the washing machine inside the Stnky Shoe bag.

Your Bear Grylls Survival Race Stnky Shoe Bag isn’t done when you’ve finished the event either, it’s perfect for your gym trainers, running shoes and just about any sports footwear you need to move about.

Size: 40cm x 33cm (outer) and the inner mesh bag is roughly 1.5 times the size.

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