5 Top Tips for Your First Obstacle Run

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The obstacle racing scene has exploded in recent years, with events like Spartan Race and Tough Mudder becoming household names.  At Stnky we’ve run more than a few and of course spoken to tons of people who use Stnky bags as part of their Obstacle Race Kit.  So, for your first obstacle run, here are the top tips we’ve picked up along the way.

Obstacle Racing Tips From Stnky Bags

1. Do your research.  When you’ve booked (or been booked) to run your first obstacle run you’ll want to find out what you’re in for.  It’ll help you train right and it’ll help you take the right stuff with you on the day.  The two big things to look out for are.

– Will it be muddy?
Not all obstacle races are muddy.  We’ve been to some, like Survival of the fittest in London which wasn’t muddy at all.  And others, like Nuclear Rush, which really really was!  If it’s muddy your old indoor gym trainers probably won’t cut it.  You’ll need some trial running or specialist OCR footwear!

– What’s the distance?
Obstacle races come in all shapes and sizes, some are just 5km long and some are proper endurance distances.  If you’re not used to running the distance of your race then its well worth looking into taking some gels with you to help you keep going!

2. Get some help!  Some events have amazing team spirit and that is part of the attraction for many.  That on tricky sections other competitors will help you out.  Some runs however are races and on those expect less of a leg up!  If you can, run your first obstacle run with some friends, ideally someone who has done some before!

3. Cotton clothes and obstacle races, are not best friends.  Even if it’s not a muddy run, chances are you’ll get wet, or at the very least, sweaty!  So wear technical fabrics that won’t get heavy as you run!  Importantly, pick your gear and run in it before the obstacle race to make sure your comfy.

4. Think about what happens when you finish!  When you’re done, you will almost certainly be cold, wet, tired.  Probably very pleased with yourself too.  Don’t ruin things by failing to prepare.  You’ll want a towel with you at least when you finish.  Or if you plan on doing a few races then a dry robe will keep you, warm, help you dry off and let you get changed anywhere.  Also you’ll want somewhere to put your wet muddy kit.  One of the reasons why Stnky bags are so popular with obstacle racers is you can pop your kit in a Stnky and your dirty trainers in a Stnky shoe bag and take them home and clean without getting your car, bag or anything else dirty or wet.  If you don’t have a Stnky bag, then at least take a few bin bags with you.

5. Stay safe and have fun!  Flying face first over the first obstacle isn’t usually the smartest plan, so take it easy and build your confidence.  Done right there is no reason to get injured at an obstacle race.

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