5 Great ways to use your Stnky Bag that you might not of thought of!

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Stnky bags were designed to get sweaty gym kit home after a workout, they keep the smell, moisture and germs zipped away from all your other stuff.  But there are lots of other great things to use your Stnky Bag for that you might not of thought of.  Here are a few of our favourites.

1. Off on your travels, pack a Stnky Bag!  Once you’ve worn your clothes, socks and underwear, don’t put them back into your suitcase or bag to get mixed in with all your clean clothes!  Stick them straight into a Stnky bag.  When you get home, you can flip and chuck it into the wash!  Easy!

2. Going swimming,  take your Stnky.  Stnky bags are water resistant enough to handle your swimwear.  Even better they lock in that chlorine smell you get from most pools.  Once you get home you can easily rinse your kit while its still in Stnky’s mesh bag and then hang it up to dry!

3. One of our customers bought some Stnky bags to use in his triathlon training  But he ended up buying a couple more because he found them to be the perfect thing to send with his toddler to playschool.  He’d normally be packing a change of clothes for his son and at playschool he’d quite often need them.  Now the playschool just pop the dirty clothes straight in the Stnky bag ready to take home and wash!

4. Using the gym during your working day?  If you workout before work or at lunch time then Stnky is the perfect place to put your kit.  You can leave your dirty kit in your Stnky bag for the rest of the day in your car, or bag, or even under your desk and you won’t smell a thing.  It’s easy to grab and transport back home hygienically until you get it home and get it all in the wash.  Whats more, because you can wash it inside the Stnky bag its even more hygienic and convenient.

5.  Cycling to work, stash your cycling kit in a Stnky bag.  If you ride to work and then get changed, why not keep your cycling kit organised in your Stnky bag.  If it gets wet or muddy on the way it’ll be locked away till you can wash it.  If not you can always pop it back on to ride home again and then it’ll be ready for the wash.
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